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JIBBING It’s a one stop shop for design thinking, a combination of marketing and design professionals creating brand experiences of a profound impression. Our experience is our oath, 20 years of marketing research + 20 years of Design = over 40 years’ experience in user-brand centered innovation. JIBBING: is an action, a mindset an approach to business that focus and respect humanity, it’s an act of culture to create and implement value. JIBBING is fun, emphatic and proactive it’s a way of doing and leaving.


From Empathy To Clear Executable Needs.

Conducting people research we ensure the end-user is always the main focus of attention of your business.

Assessment | Visual trends analysis | Ethnography |Co-creation | Scenario creation


From Needs To Experience Specification.

We frame insights to be actionable. From concepts to experiences we analyze all elements connecting a brand with people, finding patterns and creating strategic intent.

Target group visualization | Creative frameworks | Factors of success


Creating Experiences People Will Love.

Design the elements that will interact and connect with people in a dialogue. We go from abstract to physical, building quick prototypes, visualizing full solutions.

Design platforms | Design guidelines | Touch-points Matrix | quick mock-ups | rapid prototyping | experience simulator | Focus groups | Co-creation


From Strategic To Validated.

Sensing and testing on early stages  by co-creating with the end user we validate on early stages the full experience the perception and impact of it full intent.

Focus groups | Co-creation


From The Idea To Meaningful Touch Points.

Implement (multi-touch points) Experiences that fit consumers and brands with consistency across all the elements that will interact with prospects and customers.

Touch point masters | Key Assets | Design Specifications

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