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CONECTE RÁPIDAMENTE CON SU TARGET.  Alcance a su mercado sin restricciones geográficas utilizando la tecnología para indagar en profundidad la información que necesita. A new online qualitative research service that connects rapidly and affordably with target consumers to gain fresh understanding and insight.

Benefits versus Traditional Qual

Traditional Face to Face Qualitative

  • Takes 2-3 weeks lead time, a week to execute and more time for a report.
  • Usually done in only 2 or 3 major urban centers, at best.
  • Respondents in a unnatural situation with strangers at their side, often at a board room table with microphones and mirrors.
  • Group bias and group think need to be controlled.
  • Body language and facial cues also subject to interpretation and bias.
  • Viewing clients can occasionally send a note to moderator interest to raise a topic of interest.

On-line Chat-Based Qualitative

  • Takes 2-3 DAYS lead time, 1-2 days to execute and output is ready next day.
  • National samples, with respondents in all parts of the country.
  • Respondents are in the comfort of their own home, communicating in a safe, anonymous manner.
  • Respondents can respond privately or publicly.
  • Respondents do not bias or inhibit each other with body language or facial expressions.
  • Moderator and clients can chat with each other to share thoughts.

Entrevistas y Focus online – features

  • We connect with panel-recruited participants in an online environment.
  • Text-Based Chat
  • Our online environment combines text-based chat and our suite of interactive apps.

Synqrinus is perfect for….

  • Early Stage Ad idea Testing
  • Innovation concept building and iterative refinement
  • Quick hits to understand a variety of brand/product issues or supplement social media monitoring
  • Generating hypotheses for further quantitative follow up
  • Developing brand strategies
  • Understanding how consumers connect to your brand
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